Partner with Us

We do not directly source portfolio company investments. Rather, we rely on our network of independent sponsor partners to originate suitable investment opportunities. Our partners are experts at identifying businesses that are both strategically viable and can be acquired at attractive prices due to limited competition, transaction complexity or because they are under-resourced or mismanaged.

Furthermore, our partners play the leading role both before and after the close including driving the value creation plan, serving as board members of the company, augmenting the company’s management when necessary, and eventually preparing the company for sale.

We aspire to be a reliable source of capital in any situation where you require equity capital, but would prefer not to bring in another co-sponsor or board member. In these situations, our goal is to save you significant time and hassle, enabling you to focus greater energy on sourcing investments and building businesses, rather than on raising capital. We believe this arrangement offers a unique value proposition both to you and to our investors.

Please contact us if you have an opportunity that you would like us to consider

Our Value Proposition

  • Reliable source of capital
    • $6 to $15 million equity investments
    • Able to reserve for follow-on capital for both organic and acquisitive growth
  • Efficient process
    • Straight-forward diligence process
    • Candid and timely feedback
  • No governance complications
    • Don’t require board seats
    • Don’t renegotiate investment terms agreed to by the lead sponsor and the seller
  • Extensive network of industry experts and advisors